Velozack - DIY bike trailer

Build your own bike trailer:

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The VELOZACK bicycle trailer developed at FABLAB Dresden is characterized above all by its robust and simple construction, which guarantees long durability and allows everyone to build it in a weekend, even without prior knowledge. The construction plans are open source and published under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA) (see below). The beauty of open development is that you can decide for yourself what your hanger should be able to do, what dimensions and options it should have for later builds. You can customize it according to your needs from your ideas, our accumulated experience and existing design modules.

The costs vary depending on the design. For a supervised workshop with 100% new material, which we buy for you centrally, the costs are about 390€ for non-members and about 350€ for members. However, large parts of the trailer can also be built from recycled materials. Especially the bicycle parts can save a lot of material costs. You can bring old wheels, tubes, coats, a clutch or even aluminum profiles and make your trailer a lot cheaper.

Or of course you can build it on your own. Plans are below, if you have any questions you can reach us at


pos.Quantity Assemblies/componentsRemark
1Bicycle connectionWeber type E
1Drawbar connectionWeber square squeezed, inner dimension 23.5 mm suitable for square profile 30 mm outer diameter
1Base plateScreen printing plate, birch veneer 12 mm thick
2Cross profilesSquare profile 25 mm
2Longitudinal profilesSquare profile 25 mm
1Drawbar shortSquare profile 30 mm
1Drawbar longSquare profile 30 mm
2Gusset plate for drawbar connectionPlate material aluminum 4 mm thick
2Wheel receptaclesPlate material aluminum 4 mm thick
2Wheel20 inch
2Rim tape
Bolts, nuts, washers

Workshop on May 1, 2017 in Hellerau